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Jason and Karen of KFeX Marketing Technologies stays in 
1406 35th Avenue
Vero Beach, FL 32960. 

Dial (772) 226 – 0459 to contact them.

Terms and Conditions

The expected completion time is engaged upon KFeX Marketing Technologies for the design, marketing, and management of your online presence. It is been expected that it will be approximately 30 days before your website is fully completed and made live on the world wide web. "Web design" is fully within the province of the professional web designer assigned to your project. Also it includes color and font selection, logo placement, and layout of the text and graphics, which text and graphics are to be provided solely by you.  For aesthetic purposes, we may provide contextually-relevant stock photos for your website. 
Our primary purpose is to provide a website which is attractive, informative, and easily navigable by website visitors. We are concerned more with making our clients' businesses look competent and superior than we are in whether our clients like the look of their websites. At KFeX, we have a quick review process. Within 10 days of the signing of the design contract, you are expected to forward to us in digital format the text and graphical content that you wish to appear on the site. 
Non-cooperation by client consists of refusal to stand for photos, refusal to provide content within reasonable time limitations, failure to pay KFeX pursuant to the terms of the written agreement, and wilful obstruction of the design process. The KFeX design team will build the best website possible to present your business. 

Pricing For Services

Most web designers hide their design prices. The pricing schemes are typically build by the designers not based on the quality of their work but on whether they can shave $5 from a $500 contract. And the end-value is received the design client, but on satisfying price-pinchers. While KFeX strives to keep its prices at or below market value, we will in no case sacrifice the quality of our work in order to gain a client's business. All the website contracts include one professionally -analyzed, keyword-enriched domain name registration, hosted with the website on our high-performance datacenter on the Forward Now Network, Google Analytics implementation and reports, 5 custom e-mail addresses, weekly backups, monthly status reports by e-mail, and our 99% uptime guarantee.

Online Services

Website Hosting
We provide the best website and e-mail hosting services for your ready-made site on our lightning-fast Forward Now Network, which has been faithfully serving websites since 2009. Here is just a short list of the benefits you will enjoy in our US data center with our cloud hosting platform:

Enhanced service stability
Faster servers
Faster maintenance
Migration to super-fast SSDs
Web accelerators (Memcached, Varnish, Node.js)

The reliability of our web servers is proven. We expect no issues with the reliability of our web servers, but if you do have trouble with your website. We design excellent websites, using only the highest-quality graphic designers and web programmers. We have teams of people working around the clock to make sure that your website remains at optimal availability from every point on the globe. We are the ones to turn to for your online presence. And we know it.

KFeX Marketing Technologies

Designing a website is a larger project than most would consider, so it's almost understandable that there are so many broken websites in Vero Beach. The highest quality websites that sells your visitors are built and hosted by KFeX Marketing Technologies. We believe marketing to be a holistic process involving business practices as well as advertising, and are ready to consult with those ready to adapt to 21st Century business practices. As it is important for business to have a website in this 21st Century world, it is just as important to have someone available to tend to website issues as soon as they become available.